British Sandwich Association Industry Review 2002

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The British Sandwich Association has approached Taylor Nelson Sofres to research and write its Industry Review for 2002. The research is based partly on information taken from SandwichTrak, which is Taylor Nelson Sofresí continuous monitor of consumer purchasing behaviour in the sandwich market. The survey has been running since 1998 and consists of over 24,000 interviews a year, in which a representative sample of the GB adult population is asked about their sandwich purchasing.

SandwichTrak is the first study of its kind giving up to date, accurate information on the purchasing behaviour of UK consumers. The survey has been developed and subscribed to by the key players in the UK sandwich industry.

In addition, a programme of interviews with leading manufacturers, retailers and suppliers provided the industry view on crucial topics of concern, as well as their thoughts on prospects and opportunities for the sandwich market.

Finally, detailed qualitative research with consumers was undertaken to assess their preferences and expectations when buying sandwiches, what they look for in outlets and how bought sandwiches compare with home-made products.

Four Volumes

The information has been collated in four volumes:

  • Summary
  • Retailing
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • The Consumer

How will this information be of benefit to me?

You will gain a detailed insight into the workings of the UK sandwich industry, enabling you to answer such questions as:

  • What is the leading sandwich sector?
  • What are the most popular sandwich types and fillings?
  • How important is competition from home-made sandwiches?
  • How buoyant is the sandwich market expected to be in the future?
  • What threats are perceived by the industry experts?

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